What do you do every time a big expense comes up? Do you borrow, borrow, borrow? If the answer is yes, stop. Instead of borrowing, start allocating resources wisely. Save your money for the things you truly need. You can pay all your bills and still have a little extra left to put aside for the rainy days ahead. How? Here are a few budget tips.

1. Separate Your Wants From Needs – Do not mistake your wants for your needs; you will save more money that way. Identify what you cannot do without–clothing, food, shelter–and spend only for those. The rest can wait for when you have money set aside.

2. Shop Around – Are you sure you’re getting the best deal from your insurance agent or broker? Even if you think you do, shop around anyway. You can get a quote for free. Prices vary from company to company even for the same coverage. So shop around, ask for higher deductibles if you can, avail of discounts for low mileage. There are many ways to drive insurance costs down.

3. Use Cash – Among all budget tips, this is perhaps the most practical. Use cash whenever and wherever you can. Avoid using your credit card–this is disastrous because it tempts you to overspend. At the same time, it gives credit card companies the perfect excuse to make money off you!

4. Buy Clothes a Season Ahead – Styles do not change much but prices do. If you buy clothes while they are not on trend yet, you can pocket a huge in prices.

5. Buy Store Brands – Store brands are inexpensive and effective. They are not inferior to national brands, so do not be afraid to use them instead of their more expensive counterparts.

Use these budget tips to save as much as you can whenever you can. Budgeting is not easy but it can be done.