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As someone who works on sexual behavior in animals, I've grown used to getting a lot of off-the-wall questions from curious members of the general public. Topping the list is homosexuality and whether it occurs in species other than our own. Another inexplicably popular area of inquiry is whether animals exhibit oral sex.

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When Neotrogla curvata insects mate, the female top penetrates the male. In desolate caves throughout Brazil live insects that copulate for days, the female's penetrating erectile organ sticking fast in a reluctant male's genital chamber until he offers a gift of nutritious semen. Neotrogla seems to be unique among species with reversed sex roles — with choosy males and aggressive, promiscuous females — in also having swapped anatomy, researchers report 1.

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A species of New Zealand stick insect that was thought to produce only females has hatched a rogue male in the UK countryside — and scientists say the rare event could mean the animal is ready to start having sex. The specimen was discovered by a UK insect enthusiast in the Cornwall countryside, who suspected its odd appearance hinted at something unusual. Professor Steve Trewick of Massey University said they had studied other species of New Zealand stick insects in captivity, which showed some inclination towards producing males.

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November 21, report. A team of researchers from Japan, Brazil and Switzerland has found evidence that suggests female penis-like appendages in two types of cave insects evolved independently. In their paper published in the journal Biology Lettersthe group describes their study of Sensitibillini insects and what they discovered. Four years ago, a team of researchers from Japan discovered a genus of insect living in a cave in Brazil with females that had penis-like appendages and males with vagina-like pouches.

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But what are they doing in the insect world? A new study I worked on sheds light on why some bushcrickets — usually gentle creatures — get pretty violent when it comes to sex, and in the process helps to settle a decades-old debate about their odd mating habits. In just a few species of bushcrickets, scattered across the evolutionary tree, we found that males have evolved horrific-looking clasping devices near their genitals.

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In the caves of eastern Brazil, there lives a group of winged insects that mate in a way that will blow your mind. Mounting the male, Females of the Neotrogla genus penetrate males with a penis-like organ, in a standard lock and key situation. But, this is perhaps the first example of reversed sex organs in any animal.

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Scientists have discovered gender-bending female cave insects with "very impressive" penis-type organs which can have sex for up to 70 hours at a time. Females of the neotrogla species insert their penis into males during mating, who instead of having a penis have the equivalent of a vagina. The neotrogla were discovered in a cave in eastern Brazil and are believed to be the first example of an animal with sex-reversed genitalia.

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Females have more sexual partners when they live in colder climates and are happier being monogamous when it is hotter, a study into the behaviour of insects has found. Researchers at the University of Exeter also found that some female fruit flies are genetically programmed to have a large number of mates and will do so whatever the weather, while others will consistently stick to one mate. The findings, published in the journal Behavioral Ecologyshow that while the environment and temperature does have some influence, sexual behaviour is largely determined by an individual's genes.

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A pair of flies mate on a leaf. Male damsel flies use all sorts of tricks to get females to use their sperm — and not the sperm of another male damsel fly — to fertilize their eggs. Alex Wild hide caption. Everything you wanted to know about bug sex but didn't bother to ask is explained in a new book by insect expert Marlene Zuk.


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